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Jamboo Creations Affiliate Program


Do you have a website which either sells or carries information on child safety products?


Would you like to earn commissions on the sales of Jamboo products, while at the same time not having to worry about carrying inventory, shipping product, taking customer service calls, worrying about processing returns, etc.?


If so, then we have the perfect program for you....The Jamboo Creations affiliate program!


Common Questions:

Q. What is the Jamboo Creations affiliate program?

A. Individuals or companies who have a child oriented web site, once approved, link to our website, Once your link is in place, our system will track any clicks that your site refers to ours. If the person who clicks on your link purchases from us, you get a's that simple!


Q. How do I sign up?

A. Fill out an affiliate application. After you submit your application we will be back in contact with you very soon.


Q. This sounds simple, but I only have limited technical expertise.

A. Don't worry, we are here to help you every step of the way. First, fill out our application and once approved we will contact you with simple instructions to set up a link to our site. If you need any help whatsoever, we're happy to walk you through each step.


Q. What commission will I earn?

A. For every referred sale you send our way, we will pay you 10% of the subtotal of the order. The subtotal is the total sale amount minus shipping charges or any sales tax. In addition, if that same customer returns to purchase more products within 30 days of the original referral, you will be paid on those sales too!


Q. How often will I be paid?

A. Payments are made using PayPal and affiliates with commissions under $100 are paid quarterly, whereas higher volume affiliates are paid monthly. Please contact customer service for more details.


Q. Can an Affiliate ever be cancelled?

A. Yes, but only under rare circumstances. To ensure the high quality of Jamboo Creations Affiliates, we first request that Affiliates forward a link to their Jamboo Creations Affiliate page to us. To ensure quality, brand consistency, and appropriateness, your site is reviewed and either accepted or rejected. If rejected, we work with you to correct any issues. If your content changes and does not meet our standards we will contact you to suggest improvements which meet the high quality of the Jamboo Creations brand and only in very rare circumstances would an Affiliate be cancelled. You can also view our affiliate terms and conditions.


If you are ready to get started, click here to fill out an application on our secure application page. We'll be back in contact with you soon. If you have more questions, please contact us.


Thank you for your interest in the Jamboo Creations affiliate program.



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