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Jamboo Cushions

Custom Made and Easy to Order

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Looking to replace or add a bench cushion or window seat cushion?

Whether you’re looking for fireplace hearth cushions, chair cushions, or throw pillows, Jamboo Creations will help you make the right choice for all your indoor cushions! We’ve made it easy for you to order, and we’re

here to help you throughout the ordering process.


jamboo cushion

Need a custom shape? You can send us a template using our Creating a Template page for custom fitted cushions made to your exact shape and dimensions.


Window seat cushions are a popular trend and most are unique in size and shape. Our template page will guide you through the steps for making a template for your custom window seat cushion. Once you send us the template and your choice for fabric, we do the rest!


Our dining or kitchen chair pads are custom made in a variety of sizes to fit any chair. We use quality dense foam in our custom cushions, and all chair pads come complete with a set of two fabric ties for fastening in the rear.


Rocker cushions can come in a variety of styles and shapes. Most rocking chair cushions we produce are custom made for an old family rocking chair as well as brand new teak rocking chairs. Our rocking chair cushions come with fabric ties to secure the cushion to the rocker frame.


Ottoman cushions, bench cushions, and indoor throw pillows are available in multiple styles and custom sizes and styles using our fabric or yours. You will certainly be pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of your custom cushion!


All cushions are custom made by our Atlanta craftsmen using our in-stock fabrics or fabric you send us. We use a foam core for maximum comfort and longevity. They come with outer zippers for ease of cleaning and removal of the cushion filler.


How to Measure or Create a Template

How to Order


Pricing Information

Pricing for Standard Jamboo Seat Cushions

Price varies based on Width:

Up to 60" 


61" to 72" 


73" to 84" 


85" to 96" 


For 97" and up, please Call for a Quote.


Before and After: Window Seat Cushions


window seat before shot window seat cushion after


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