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Post Wrapper


Easily Wrap around any Post for Ultimate Safety. Just Remove from the Box and Attach.

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Jamboo Creations’ Post Wrappers are custom designed safety cushions that easily wrap around brick or wooden posts in the home, in the basement or in the garage. If you have a round pole, read about our pole wrappers.



Jamboo Creations has developed an easy-to-install, high quality padded wrap that can be custom made to fit around any square post to prevent children from hurting themselves as a result of a fall or at play.


As with our other quality products, customers can choose from a selection of fabrics and colors – or choose their own fabric – to match the room’s décor. Our safety pole padding is made of 2" dense foam for ultimate safety. Simply wrap the pad around pole and affix with 1" Velcro sewn into the fabric for easy and secure installation.



Pricing Information

Pricing for Standard Post Wrapper

48” height : $159.00

For different sizes, please contact us.



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