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Jamboo Creations was born out of our own personal discovery that practically does not have to be ordinary. The inspiration for our HearthSoft™ covers comes from being parents ourselves and having a passion for creating products that are simple, smart and practical, yet are anything but ordinary!

We, like so many parents, began looking for ways to childproof our home prior to the birth of our son. One of our biggest concerns was the fireplace in the family room, which of course would be the room where we knew we’d spend a lot of time together in the months and years ahead with our anticipated arrival.

Like many parents, we made the rounds from online Internet searches to trips to the big-box baby stores hoping to find a solution to our need to protect our child from those threateningly hard, sharp edges surrounding the fireplace. Everywhere we looked we found only the standard grey rubber bumpers with which everyone’s familiar.

So, like so many parents, we bought them – at least initially. But having to cut them to size, and only then discovering they didn’t adhere very well, left us, shall we say, less than satisfied. They also didn’t provide enough protection from the hard surface areas of the hearth. Besides, they’re ugly! There’s no other way to say it. Consequently, the “bumpers” were returned to the store.

Gina (She’s the one with the look of creativity on her face!) went to work on her own solution, and in the spirit of keeping a long story short, the result is the HearthSoft™. Gina is one of those “creative tinkerers” who is always working on some new project or design for children or the home.

However, with that said, companies are not launched on dreams alone – although there were plenty of them along the way that was discussed, dissected and discarded. But like other companies, Jamboo Creations was built on perseverance and passion.

Our goal is to make quality products that are truly unique in design and function for children in the home. We challenge you to find another company like us. We also invite you to visit the site often; you’re sure to find more creations in the very near future.

By the way, in case you’re wondering – and we’re asked often – Jamboo is an acronym derived from combining the initials of our son, Jack Allen Maguire, who we affectionately call “Boo.” Thus… Jamboo Creations!

On a final note, we’re confident that you’ll find the HearthSoft™ to be of superior quality. Each HearthSoft™ is individually cut and professionally sewn in our very own workroom in Atlanta, GA. We invite you to call and e-mail us with any questions or concerns you have. We expect to surpass the quality of our products only by the excellence of our customer service.

Thank you.

Gina Maguire, Bill Maguire… and Jamboo!

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