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Fireplace Hazards For Children and How To Mitigate Them

When we become parents, we suddenly become acutely aware of the everyday hazards present in our homes. Then, we find out there is a striking difference between baby-proof, toddler-proof, and childproof. However, one hazard that is static across the ages is the family fireplace. Fireplaces are a delightful place to warm yourself and provides comforting…

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“I LOVE the HearthSoft™…”

“I LOVE the HearthSoft™ and will definitely recommend it to friends. It matches our living room perfectly, and it’s great that provides more seating (not to mention how it makes it safer for our little one). Thank you for your service” Lisette H., Roswell, GA

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5 Childproofing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these common childproofing mistakes. Unfortunately, when you have a baby, you don’t get sent home with a detailed manual with instructions for exactly what to do. Parenting can be a guessing game as to what the right course of action might be. When you’re first starting out, there can be a lot of hazards…

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6 More Childproofing Mistakes To Avoid

We previously took a look at some common childproofing mistakes many people make, but there are even more to keep in mind. Keeping kids safe is paramount for us at Jamboo Creations, so we’ve got more helpful tips to ensure your little one’s safety. If you’re looking for a way to make your home safer…

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7 Wonderful Children’s Books to Read With Your Kids

Reading to your children starting at a young age can instill a love of learning and storytelling that lasts a lifetime. Many of the greatest children’s books aren’t just delightful stories, they also teach valuable lessons that kids will carry with them for years to come. While our main goal at Jamboo Creations is ensuring…

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5 Surprising Safety Hazards For Your Baby

Mitigate the Dangers of Your Home Having a baby at home can be pretty great. Especially when they start to crawl or walk and talk, they’re adorable little goofballs. But when they start moving on their own, babies can get into some dangerous situations. Here are some safety hazards to be aware of to avoid…

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