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Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Jamboo Creations is dedicated to the creative spirit in all of us.

We believe in innovation– uniqueness, artistry, and design are what defines us and sets us apart in the development of our products for children and the home.

We believe in imagination– of the child and of ourselves – for both are essential components in the creation of our products.

We believe in relationships – between parent and child, between us and our customers, and with our people, for it is through these relationships that extraordinary things happen.

We believe in responsibility as a concerned citizen of the world. For success is not our own; thus, the reward should never be hoarded.

We place the quality of life above profits, the quality of our products above mass production, and above all, we embrace the extraordinary quality of the human spirit!

Our Goal:

To make the highest quality products with superior craftsmanship that are truly unique in design and function for children in the home.

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